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SENZ Classes with Sharon Newport


 To book your tickets go to

 Or phone 021468872 to come in and make an appointment to buy. 


Sharon will be teaching 3 classes at SENZ this year, 2 Layouts and a Technique class.

Bring Lists for Sharon's Classes

1. Rustic Layout Friday 1.30pm to 4pm  Remuera Room

Basic kit including some paint brushes ….various sizes. Strong liquid glue, heat gun 

 Photo 6x4 portrait orientation 

2. Life's Moment Layout Sat 12noon - 2pm  Remuera Room

 Basic kit including heat gun,  watercolours if they have them (eg Prima or similar pans of colours)  paint brushes for watercolours (available from the Create shop) 

non stick mat,  Photos: two 3.5 x 5" portrait (one will be trimmed a little) 

3. Watercolour Resist Sunday 9am - 11.30am  Great Northern Room

Watercolours (eg Prima or similar artists grade pans of colours) Watercolour brushes  Round 14, 6 or 8 , 0 (lg med and fine) ( I used Prima)

Flat a large brush about 3/4 inch  Pencil Rubber Ruler

Waterproof black pen fine I use sigma micron 03